About Idaho Dealer Education

About Idaho Dealer Education Origins

IdahoDealerEducation.com offers an option for online, self-paced learning. The site provides a user-friendly experience, succinct and understandable education content, and automated certification processes.

Mike Hunter, founder and owner, began developing online training programs in the auto industry for state agencies across the nation since 2002. Mike has taught auto mechanics for over 30 years and had many small side businesses in the auto industry.

Alecia Hunter, co-owner and Director of Operations, joined Mike with her own expertise. She has a Master's in Economics, specializing in public policy, and has been working in the education technology industry since 2018.

As a father-daughter team, they harness their different skills in the auto industry, education technology, and public policy to envision exceptional education. They could not do it without the dealers and professionals across Idaho who help create their quality education programs.

Don’t let your education limit your opportunities. Time is every individual’s most precious resource. Everything we create is clear, concise, and efficient throughout the website, education content, and certification processes.

Mike Hunter - owner
Alecia Hunter - co-owner

what we do

Complete your Idaho Dealer Education through an easy, online training to receive your ITD-approved certificate.

Pre-Licensing Course

Required course for all new dealerships.



Continuing Education Course

Education required to renew your license.




Get your dealership up and running.